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Basic On page SEO tips

SEO is huge. It includes:
1. On page SEO: SEO friendly titles, high quality content, Adding multimedia to blog posts, Internal linking.
2.On site SEO: Site structure and User experience.
3.Off page SEO: Building backlinks to your blog, Sharing blog posts on social media and social bookmarking seo. 

In this blog post I'll share 8 On page SEO tips:

1. SEO friendly blog post titles:

Make sure that your blog post titles are accurate and saying what your page is all about. Because though you have written great content if your post title is not Intriguing, then no one click on your post. And also don’t disappoint readers by making them click with your post title and not satisfying them with your content.
And also wrap your blog post title in H1 tag.

You can use EMV headline analyzer tool to calculate marketing value of your blog post title.

2. Content Length:

serpiq states that posts having more that 2000 words ranks significantly higher in Google. 
word count vs rankings

 Therefore if you are writing on any topic make sure that your article has at-least 1000 words.
Google never ranks blog posts with few words.

3. Internal linking:

Interlink your content it will not only helps in reduction of Bounce rate and also helps in getting higher search engine rankings. When you are writing any article simply link to another post in your blog which is on the same topic.
Have you ever wondered why Wikipedia ranks no1 position for almost every keyword? It’s because of its high quality content and heavily interlinked structure.
In the below screenshot you can see the Internal linking structure for a term Google.
Internal linking wikipedia

4. SEO friendly Permalink:

Keep your blog post permalink short and sweet. Don't include Underscores, capital letters and numbers in the permalink. Add keywords into it. Don't stuff it with keywords. Make it accurate with the blog post.

5. Multimedia in Blog posts:

Include Images, Videos and charts in your blog post to make it more attractive. When adding Images to your blog don't copy-paste the Images from Google Image search, because some Images are copyrighted and you may face legal problems. You can use canva(free) to create Images for your posts.
Make sure that your blog post Images have alt text.    

6. Loading speed:

Google announced that its algorithms use Page loading speed as a ranking factor. Your blog users simply hit the back button if your page takes more than 3 secs to loads. 
Remove all the unnecessary JavaScript gadgets that slow down your site. Make sure that your blog Images are compressed.
You can use tools like Google page speed insights to check your blog loading speed.
 CSS files also Increase your blog loading speed.

7. Meta Description:

Description Meta tag gives Google a summary of what the page is. 
Generally Meta description is one or two sentences or a short paragraph. Google shows Meta description in its search results along with page title. 
Words in the Meta description appear bold when they match with the users search query.
Therefore write 130-160 characters Meta description for every post you write. Don't copy-paste the entire post in the meta description. 
Include your targeted keyword into it.
In HTML it looks like
< meta name="description="content="a small paragraph telling about your page content that Includes your keyword"/>
You can use HTML Improvements report to check whether your pages title, Meta description needs any changes.

8. Linking Out:

Don't afraid to link to other sites thinking that your readers will migrate to that blog. Linking out other blogs in your niche offering complete Information on topic you're writing increase your blog authority and readership. It also helps in getting backlinks to your blog.
 You can link to high authority sites like Wikipedia. Blogs with huge number of links to other sites ranks significantly higher in Google. (Google considers them as a more authoritative).
Make outbound links open in new tab. 


I hope these 8 On page tips will surely help you. Mention other On page tips in the Comments section that I have missed here.
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